Shipping Samples

Select 6-10 leaves from each sample you would like tested. Take an assortment of young and old leaves. Any potential/possibly symptomatic leaves please place in a separate, ziplock bag and indicate ‘symptomatic’ on the outside of the ziplock bag. Seal leaves for each sample in a ziplock bag, and label the sample #/variety/breeding code (if needed) clearly on the outside of each individual ziplock bag.

Place ziplock bags inside a sturdy, shipping box/container. If there are over 10 ziplock bags (over 10 samples), please use a type of organization system such as binder clips, paper clips and/or rubber bands. Pack crumpled paper or bubble wrap around samples to keep them from moving.

Please include a printed copy of your order summary inside the box/container.

Ship samples overnight to arrive on a weekday. Please avoid shipping samples over the weekend. Keep samples cool or refrigerated until shipping. Please ship samples to the address below.

Shipping Address

Lizzy Blossom LLC*

387 Shuman Blvd.
Suite 130W
Naperville, IL 60563                                                                                                                                   

Phone: 312-601-9987 (please add phone number with shipping address)

*Please e-mail tracking number to

Other Questions

For other questions about shipping samples, please contact us by email or by phone.


Phone: 312.601.9987