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Novel R&D

Lizzy Blossom can help improve upon and expand your product offerings by conducting tailored R&D projects. Lizzy Blossom has decades of hands-on molecular biology experience in ornamental R&D.

Plant Tissue Culture

Lizzy Blossom provides a wide range of plant tissue culture (TC) services, including TC initiation from mother stock and TC storage and maintenance from unrooted cuttings.

Virus Testing

Using nucleic acid-based detection techniques we are able to screen plants to identify important common viruses and viroids. We offer a turnaround time for results as early as two weeks or less. Please contact us for a full list of plant virus and viroid PCR screening capabilities.

Chromosome Doubling

Creation of double haploids (haploid cells undergo chromosome doubling) through artificial means can be an important method in plant breeding. At least six generations of conventional inbreeding is needed for complete homozygosity for a particular trait. With doubled haploidy, only one generation is necessary for homozygosity.

DNA Fingerprinting

DNA fingerprinting creates unique banding patterns for different species of plants (and sometimes for different varieties among a species). This technique is useful for identifying which species are the same and for confirming whether supposed progeny from a controlled crossing event are hybrids or selfed.


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