Our Process

For ultimate PCR detection of viruses and viroids, we begin by using an automated tissue lyser to macerate/homogenize individual plant samples simultaneously.  This allows for less chance of contamination and human error.  We have a selection of different nucleic acid isolation protocols to achieve the highest quality DNA/RNA for even the most challenging of tissue types.

After the tissue has been lysed, we use a nucleic acid extraction method to isolate/purify high-quality DNA or RNA. Compounds such as polyphenols and polysaccharides found naturally in plants can potentially inhibit downstream applications such as PCR & RT-PCR. This can potentially cause inaccurate results for pathogen detection.

With challenging crops such as portulaca, it is important to test the concentration of DNA/RNA that has been isolated/purified using a fluorometer. This assures you there is an optimal amount of clean DNA/RNA before setting up the PCR experiment.

New Name, same great services!

We are excited to announce that LB Ornamental Diagnostics is now Lizzy Blossom.