We utilize DNA-based techniques such as PCR/RT-PCR to perform the most sensitive and accurate testing for our customers. With decades of experience in ornamental molecular pathogen detection, we are highly proficient, well-disciplined and dedicated to providing the highest quality of service.

Why DNA Testing?

Using DNA-based techniques such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), we are able to amplify millions of copies of DNA to detect pathogens with high specificity and at low titer concentrations within the plant. Due to the high sensitivity of PCR we can detect virus latency and early stages of active infections before symptoms arise.

Molecular techniques like PCR are preferred due to the fact that ELISA may not be able to detect different variants (isolates) of the evolving pathogen.  Another issue for example is a virus ‘flying under the radar’ for several years because the titer (concentration) of the virus is below the limit of detection with ELISA. (Jeong et. al., 2014).


Jeong, J.,  Ju, H., and Noh, J. 2014. A review of detection methods in plant viruses. Research In Plant Disease.20(3): 173-181.

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